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Beechwood House Nursery is housed in a large building that lends its space well for the children’s development and learning.




In the lower ground floor we have a very bright, spacious and airy baby room for the babies who are just at the crawling and toddling stage. Our babies are able to explore a variety of sensory experiences to extend and develop his/her concept of the world around them. Our caring and experienced staff support their individual needs. The toddler areas of this room is for the babies who are more mobile. There is an area where the children can play with building blocks and cars, to help develop their fine motor skills. We also have a messy area where the babies can experiment with gloop and paint.





The 2-3’s have two large multi-use rooms.  Room one has a large role play area where the children can dress up and play house.There are table top resources for the children to explore along with a cosy quiet area with lots of books and cushions. The room also has a large wet area so the children can experiment with sand, clay, water and other messy items. The children enjoy having their snack and meals in this room.


Room two has lots of wooden and sensory items for the children to enjoy.  There is a good choice of construction toys and small world resources for the children to explore and build with.


Physical room


The tweenies have access to a designated physical room on the same floor as their main base rooms. They can have lots of energetic free play and exercise.


3-5 Years


The 3-5's have four rooms on the top floor of the nursery next to each other,  this allows the children to have full free play with appropriate adult interaction. Room one is two very spacious adjoining rooms where children are able to move freely between both. The carpeted multi-use room allows the children access at all times to equipment that supports their literacy and numeracy development. There is a large role play area that gets changed regularly into a variety of interesting things like shoe shop, café, flower shop etc… The children have access to construction and puzzles. There is also science resources that the children can use throughout the room to experiment with. There is a wet area where the children have on-going snack and drinks. The children also at times enjoy arts and craft activities along with sand and water play.


Room two is a calm, nurturing quiet oasis. This room has natural sensory items so the children can enjoy exploring and experimenting with them. There is a comfy quiet are with lots of seating and books to help support the children literacy skills.


Room three is a large messy area and this area is perhaps the most popular in the nursery, housing all the ‘messy’ play items including sand, water and paints.  It is here that the children can express themselves fully through the mediums of clay, play dough, baking etc… and also develop their fine motor skills such as cutting and gluing.


A small but well-resourced baking room is room four so the children can have lots of fun with baking and making dough.


The 3-5’s also have access to a multipurpose room on the first floor, this is used by staff if they wish to do small group activities.


Outdoor Space


The babies have access to their own garden area from the lower ground level baby room. This has a barked area with small physical equipment. There is also an area for the babies to play with push along toys.


The 2-5’s have a small but very well resourced outdoor area which can be used daily regardless of the weather due to it having special flooring. We also visit the local community on a regular basis aswell as the large park next door to the nursery.

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