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A child’s first focus for learning is his/her environment, home, family and friends; we will use this knowledge and build on it.  The development of language and skills is the key to learning, this influences stimulation of growth, the promotion of social interaction and the way a child will see and hear what goes on around him/her.


We will encourage skills to enable children in their year proceeding Primary 1, to make an easier transition into school.  Emphasis will be placed on social skills, encouraging children to listen and carry out instructions, take messages and build up confidence.


In order to sow the seeds of citizenship children are encouraged to play together whilst showing consideration for each other’s needs and cultures.


We use the following Curriculum Frameworks:


Pre-Birth to Three


The main aims of Pre-Birth to Three are:


Positive outcomes for Scotland’s children and families.

To promote continuing professional development.


The four key principles are:

Rights of the child


Responsive Care



Through sharing their vision and values staff can increase the learning experiences the children receive. Through continuous professional development and working closely with parents we strive to support all children’s individual needs.


Curriculum for Excellence


Curriculum for Excellence represents Scotland’s vision for the education for all children. It aims to raise standards, improve knowledge and develop skills for learning, for life and work. With a real focus on literacy, numeracy and promotes an active healthy life style.


The eight curriculum areas are:

Literacy & English


Health & Wellbeing

Religious & Moral Education


Social Studies


Expressive Arts


At Childcare Scotland we fully involve staff, parents and children when working with the curriculum. This joint working positively impacts on the children’s outcomes.

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