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The motto of our group is “caring for your children and meeting the needs of today’s family” and within the Childcare Scotland group of nurseries we do exactly this by creating a “home from home” atmosphere in which your child can thrive. At all times we strive to provide a safe and stimulating environment for all the children in our care as well as a flexible and reliable service for the parents.  




At Childcare Scotland our Aim is to treat all children as individuals and to support them in becoming:


•Confident Individuals

•Successful Learners

•Responsible Citizens

•Effective Contributors


We educate the whole child, taking in to account the needs and preferences of the individual child.


We provide an attractive and stimulating environment in which the children can play and learn safely


We encourage children to learn through exploration and investigation by providing interesting and challenging learning opportunities


We establish positive links with parents, primary schools and external agencies in order to provide the highest standard of care


We provide a working environment, in which every child and staff member is valued, appreciated and where employees are able to realise their full potential irrespective of their gender, race or disability

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