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Irvine Burnside facilities


Burnside House Nursery provides a safe and stimulating environment with all rooms being bright and airy. Rooms are equipped to develop gross motor skills, encourage social interaction in the form of team games, sharing etc…  Larger rooms are also used for music and movement and dance lessons.




We have a very large baby room that is split in to two large sections. In one section the very young babies have access to lots of wooden and sensory items. The other section has a wet area that is used for feeding and messy activities. There is also an area for role-play so the children who are toddling can develop their imaginative skills. The babies also have a designated physical area that has a small ball pool along with physical toys for them to play and play on.




The multipurpose room that the 2-3’s use is very large, bright and spacious. It is a multi purpose room seperated into a variety of areas.  There is a well resourced role play areas that encourages the children to extend their imagination. This room is set up so the children can start to have supervised free play. There is a messy area where the children can enjoy lots of arts and craft as well as experimenting with playdough etc…


3-5 Years


The 3-5's have access to 3 different rooms. Room one is large and is split in to different areas. This room is open and bright. There is a large messy area where the children enjoy choosing from the vast amount of craft items on offer and playing in the sand and water.  The staff use appropriate resources to support the children’s health & wellbeing needs.


Room two is where the children enjoy imaginative play at the role play area. The children and staff change its role regularly to a restaurant, home, café etc... There is a designated table top area, this area is devoted to table top activities such as board games and jigsaw puzzles. Encouraging the children to realise that they can have fun sitting down, it also enhances hand to eye co-ordination, pre-math skills and concentration in general. ICT is available throughout the room so the children can experiment and explore.


The baking room is the third room the children have access to. The children enjoy organising and making their own snack in this room. They also are very independent at meals times where they help and serve themselfs.


Physical/Meeting Room


There is a large physical/meeting room that the children have access to throughout the day  There is a mixture of large and small equipment to support the children’s fine and gross motor skills. This room is also used for meeting in the morning and at the end of the day.There is also a multi area set up in this room for the children to use. The room also gets used for dance and games.


Outdoor Space


The garden at the nursery is huge. There is a grassed area so the younger children and babies can play and explore, this is also used at times so that the older children can enjoy rough and tumble activities.  There are barked areas, in one of these areas there is a mud kitchen which the children love to make cakes and pies in. The children enjoy lots of growing, planting and digging. There is also an area so the children can ride their bikes and cars.

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