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glasgow university facilities


The nursery at Glasgow University has rooms that are bright, spacious and airy. The layout allows us to support all children in their development.




The very young babies have a bright playroom on the lower ground floor. The room is calm, nurturing and well resourced. The babies enjoy exploring the sensory resources. There is an area where the children can have a nap and have some quiet time. There is a changing room and kitchen attached to the playroom.


We have a large airy playroom for the toddlers. Our toddler room caters for the older babies who are starting to walk. There is a physical area with lots of resources. There is a large wet area where the children can enjoy experimenting with paints, sand and water. They also use this area when feeding the babies as the meal preparation area is attached.




The 2-3’s have a very spacious and well resourced base room. The room has a large messy area where the children enjoy exploring different craft items. There is an area for physical play which the children enjoy throughout the day. There is lots of sensory equipment and a well resourced quiet area that is inviting and cosy looking.


3-5 Years


The 3-5’s playroom is very large. it is seperated into different areas.  It has a huge messy area where the children can choose from a vast amount of craft materials, sand and water play. There is a role play areas that encourages the children to extend their imagination skills. The well resourced room helps support the staff in delivering the curriculum for the children. There is a variety of different resources that assists in enhancing literacy and numeracy development for the children. There are science resources in the room that the children enjoying using in all areas.


Outdoor Space

There is a split level garden at Glasgow University nursery. The top level has sensory resources. There is also a bird table and a small green house that the children grow their own plants in. The bottom part of the garden lends itself to more physical activities and has large play equipment.

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