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This nursery is fully purpose built. There are many spacious rooms for the children.


The layout enables us to provide a wide range of experiences for children of all ages.  


We are fortunate in that our accommodation at Strathclyde University has been purpose built.  The layout enables us to provide a wide range of experiences for children.



There is a large bright playroom for the under 2’s. This room has lots of sensory equipment for the babies to explore. We care for the babies in a loving and caring way and support their individual needs




We have a very spacious room for the 2-3’s. There is a large area for physical play where all the children can have fun. There is a designated quiet area with lots of books and soft furnishings so the children can relax. The chiuldren enjoy playing in the role play area and dressing up.


3-5 Years


The large 3-5 room offers the children a selection of resources that helps support them in their individual development needs. This large room is split into a variety of areas. There is a cosy quiet area where the children can sit and read a book or just have some rest time. The quiet area is well stocked with books, which the children are encouraged to treat with respect, to amuse, entertain and inform. This room also has lots of science resources so the children can experiment with them throughout the room. There is a variety of resources to support the children’s numeracy and literacy development. The children also have access to ICT resources.


Outdoor Space


We have a well-resourced garden area that has large physical equipment and bikes. There is a section the children use for growing and sensory experiences.

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