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The nursery at Caledonian University is split in to two very large areas. Area one takes children aged 0-3 years with areas partitioned off and a quiet sensory room. Area two takes children aged 3-5 years with a separate baking/dining room.  




There is a bright baby room for the very young babies. The babies enjoy exploring the sensory materials and experimenting with the arts and crafts.


The older babies have a separate room where they can safely start to walk and toddle. There are lots of building blocks and shape sorters to help support their development.




The Tweenie multipurpose room is set up with resources to help support children aged 2-3’s individual needs. There is a large role play area where the children can enjoy lots of imaginative play. There is a variety of puzzles and construction toys available. There is also a quiet area for the children to enjoy story time and quiet activities.


Physical Room


The Tweenies have a physical room that they have access to throughout the day. This helps support the children’s health & wellbeing needs. There is a good mixture of large and small equipment. There is a large ball pool and lots of small balls and skittles etc...


3-5 Years


The 3-5 main base room is separated into different areas. There is a very large multi-purpose area that has lots of construction, puzzles and cars along with a well resourced role play area. There is a wet area where the children enjoy lots of messy play. There is a physical area with a trolley with small resources so the children can choose what they would like to do. The children also enjoy music and movement in this area which helps with their co-ordination.  


Baking/Dining Room


This room is used for meals and snack times, it is set up so that the children can be independent. The children enjoy choosing what they like to eat and being helpers, this helps increase their independent skills. The rooms is well used for baking tasks also.



Outdoor Space


The garden has special sponge flooring and is suitable to be used in all weathers. There is large play equipment available for the children to play on. There is also room for the children to ride cars and bikes. The children have an area that has sensory items and they grow plants.

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