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The layout of Melville House Nursery enables us to provide a wide range of experiences for children of all ages. There is a very large enclosed garden.




We have two bright baby rooms that cater for the very youngest children.  A high staff to child ratio ensures that each baby has the routine, which suits best.  The colourful toys and the activities help to provide fun and stimulation, but there is still plenty of time for naps, cuddles and quiet feeds.  




There is a large multiuse room for the 2-3 aged children with an adjoining physical room. The multi room has a variety of equipment available to encourage social interaction through role play and to fire their imagination.


3-5 Years


Upstairs there is a multipurpose room for the 3-5’s with a variety of resources. There is a messy room where children are able to explore using sand, water, paint, clay etc… all of which are designed to encourage language development and communication skills. They have access to a quiet area with a well-stocked book corner, this helps enhance literacy.  There is also a large physical room where the children can have lots of excersie, play games and participate in music and movement experiences.


2-5 Years


There is a large baking room on the ground floor that the children enjoy experimenting in and making dough etc.


Out of School


The nursery has a out of school room where a large pool of resources is available to promote early math’s skills, fine motor control and language development.


Outdoor Space


We have an extensive, fully enclosed and child friendly garden.  The nursery is situated in a central location allowing good access to the local environment and children are able to visit places of interest.

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