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This nursery is fully purpose built. There are many spacious rooms for the children.


The layout enables us to provide a wide range of experiences for children of all ages.  


Each age range has their own room(s) (0-2 years, 2-3 years,

3-5 years .




There are two large baby rooms. The first room is split into two sections. This room is used for the very young babies. In one side there are lots of sensory resources and wooden toys. The other area is used for messy activities and meal times.


The other room is a multipurpose room for the older babies. This has a role play area for them to play in and an area with physical equipment for them to develop balancing and climbing.




We have a very spacious room with a variety of designated areas for the 2-3’s. They have a large role play area where they can have lots of imaginative play and build on their social skills. There is a physical area where the tweenies can have exercise throughout the day.


3-5 Years

The 3-5's have access to three rooms. On one side there are two very large rooms that can be opened up into one. The first room has a large messy area where the children can have fun with sand, water and a variety of craft items.  The second room has a comfy, cosy nurturing quiet area with a good choice of books, so the children can have some relaxing time. There is a good choice of contruction and small world toys as well as science and problem solving resources.


There is another large spacious room that lends itself well in supporting the children in all aspects of the curriculum. The wet area is used for meal times aswell as ongoing snack, where the children can establish their independent skills. The carpeted part of the room has a large role play area where the children can let their imagination run wild, this area layout changes regularly, it can be:


•Home from home: complete with fridge, washing machine and cooker

•Shop: well stocked with pretend food and complete with shopping trolley

•Hospital: with beds, bandages, nurses and doctors

•Café: complete with tables, chairs, menus and customers

•You may see Hairdressers, Dentist and even a supermarket has role play equipment and Ict for the children to use.


Outdoor space

We have a very large outdoor garden that is split into two levels. On the top level we have large physical equipment and an area where the children can ride their bikes. The bottom part of the garden is used by the children to grow items and has a more sensory feel to it. The garden is designed to allow the children to let off steam in safety, while at the same time developing their gross motor skills (hopping, skipping, and climbing).  

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