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Largs Summerlea facilities


Summerlea House Nursery is located in the centre of Largs. Its location allows the staff and children to participate regularly in local community life. The nursery playrooms are well resourced.




The baby room is bright and airy. Here the babies can move around independently in a safe and secure environment. There is plenty of room for messy play and for the children to eat together.  




The room for the 2-3’s is compact but very well resourced. This room is set up to stimulate the children’s interests and curiosity.  There is an area where the children can play with puzzles and construction which helps develop their fine motor skills.


3-5 Years


The 3-5 have access to two rooms at the nursery, these are both very bright and spacious. Room one is large it has a messy area where the children have access to lots of different textured craft items. They have sand and water play each day. There is a large role play area where the children can let their imagination run wild, playing house or shop keeper etc… The room also has table top resources and puzzles for the children. We see play as the most effective vehicle for learning and recognise its importance in socialising, exploring, investigating and experimenting.  Children have a choice of play as well as the opportunity to participate in structured activities.  Children who are happy in play are eager to learn. This room has many resources that help support staff in delivering the curriculum.


Room two has a small wet area where the children enjoy ongoing snack and being independent when making their choices. There is also a carpetted area that has small world toys and equipment along with sensory items and wooden blocks for building and experimenting.


Outdoor Space


The garden at the nursery is well-resourced with large equipment and bikes. The children grow their own potatoes etc… Being so central to the local community the children go out on a regular basis to visit the park. beach or other local areas of interest.

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